Foreign Trade Expertise at the Forefront


Knowledge as a Service

We're not just another software company; at our core, we're an extension of MA-TAX Consulting GmbH, deeply embedded in the foreign trade landscape. Our solutions aren't just products; they're tools we use daily to support our clients. We're not just talking the talk; we're power users, actively engaged in the practical application of all our tools.

Our platforms and modules are continuously evolving and improving. Why? Because our internal operations serve as a testing ground, allowing us to optimize and enhance our solutions based on real-world usage. Once perfected, we roll out these improvements internationally, ensuring our solutions are not just effective but globally viable.




Your new home for well-structured and impactful data

Within BASE your master data isn't just stored; it's optimized for efficiency and decision-making in foreign trade. Supported by MA-TAX Moria Engine and our Forward Deployed Engineers, we ensure your data is accurate, up-to-date, and top-quality.


Boost your legal research with CU-TA RECON!

No need to spend hours navigating complex legal databases. CU-TA RECON delivers quick and accurate results with its advanced research tools, enabling efficient classification across various legal fields, verification of goods lists, and risk-free assessment of operational data.

Ma-Tax Systems

Enabling AI-assisted decision-making from manufacturing facilities to global customs operations

Ma-Tax Systems enhance foreign trade data quality, compliance, and research through AI-driven systems, empowering all involved to excel through well-informed decisions


Access real-time trade insights with SITREP

From reports to forecasts (including CBAM), stay ahead in the global market.


Past, Present And The Future

Actionable Insights for Cross-Border Success

Unlocking the potential of data begins with obtaining it correctly and validation - clearing the "fog of foreign trade" is our specialty.

Data preprocessed

We cut through the noise, identifying risks, and extracting valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.

Data evaulated

The cornerstone of success lies in data – its accuracy, interpretation, and application - we're here to streamline every aspect of your operations.

Data optimized

Under Control

Optimizing Operations: Enhancing Efficiency and Compliance in Real-Time


Support from Professionals

Your day-to-day business cannot consist of time-consuming monitoring and checking the enormous (constantly changing) volumes of data - both internal and external. This can and must be automated, ensuring that only the most critical matters demand your attention - And when questions arise, we're just a message away.


Close to the Real World

While linear processes are the norm, the real world is anything but predictable. Our platform is built on this understanding, ensuring you're never caught off guard — Regardless of whether everything goes as expected - or "goods are suddenly on the ramp". And if you also come from the field, you know what is meant by the latter.


Seamless Integration

The CU-TA platform is designed to be open - maximising the value of your data. The ability to connect your systems is a matter of course - whether exporting or importing. Strategic parameters (such as a risk score of goods x for country y) as well as operational parameters (such as plausibilised data for the fields of the customs declaration) maximise efficiency.


Strategic Decision-Making

Our background data processes provide you with foresight, allowing you to adapt to changes and maintain compliance across all levels. With comprehensive management summaries and detailed data insights, our platform becomes an vital tool in your daily operations. Remember, sharp results require a sharp chisel.